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TSIR - Training, children's classThe literal meaning of karate is 'empty hand' or 'open hand', which symbolizes the hands with no weapon - or peaceful hands.

Open hands represent peace while a closed hand (fist) represents power or unity. When hands are used for your protection purposes, peaceful results should follow. That is, no one needs to be seriously damaged. Skillful karate masters knew how to solve problems peacefully, allowing them another option to settle disputes, rather than uncontrolled or brutal force. During war time, weapons were used to defeat an enemy, but in peaceful times karate was used only for self-protection purposes. Ten Shin Ichi Ryu Karate training includes traditional forms, proper use of the hands (fist, knife hands, blocks) and feet (kicks and footwork, etc.) as well as training in various weapons.

The use of karate in fighting situations

First, your aggressor should see your open hands - letting him know you are unarmed and have no intention of fighting. If your aggressor insists on fighting with you physically, then use your hands strongly, just like a weapon. However, your hands should be controlled, so your defensive techniques will be kept to a minimum - which is enough to stop an attack and disarm an aggressor.


Wednesday Classes: 6:00pm Karate - Children Friday Classes: YMCA Ayrlawn Center Bethesda, Maryland Friday Classes (YMCA): 4:15pm - Children 5:30pm - Children 6:30pm - Children 7:30pm - Adults Saturday Classes: 10:00am Karate - Children

MARYLAND Karate classes
Friday Karate - Children. Classes through the YMCA Ayrlawn Center in Bethesda Maryland 4:15pm - 5:00pm Beginners ages 5 and 6
  Karate - Children. Classes through the YMCA Ayrlawn Center in Bethesda Maryland 5:15pm - 6:00pm Beginners ages 6 and 6
  Karate - Children. Classes through the YMCA Ayrlawn Center in Bethesda Maryland 6:15pm - 7:00pm Begginers ages 7 and up


Go Shin Do™

Go Shin Do™ is the name given by Soshu Shiro Shintaku to his specific style of protection arts. Go Shin Do™ translates as go = "defense or protect" shin = "mind" and do = "way". Go Shin Do makes use of many elements of traditional karate and incorporates protective techniques not traditionally used within karate itself. More advanced self-defense techniques are covered.

The advanced form of martial arts training is the use of the mind and energy. The mind of Go Shin Do practitioners is expressed through the use of the hands. With this training, the human mind can be used as a weapon. That is, the principle use of a weapon can be applied mentally. The physical expression of energy flow is included in the art, while the emphasis of physical strength is minimized for these protection techniques.

Wednesday Goshindo 8:00pm - 9:00pm Beginners



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