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Iaido - The expression of the Samurai spirit

Doshu Shiro ShintakuThe Japanese sword was considered to be the symbol of a pure spirit capable of expelling the evil spirit within ourselves. Through TSIR Iaido training, practitioners learn to cultivate the focused, disciplined and fearless mindset of the samurai. Practitioners study to use effective sword techniques for life protection. Soshu Shintaku studied (in Japan) Eishin Ryu Iaido from two instructors, Ishigaki Moriji, and Hikitsuchi Sensei himself. *Moriji Sensei was an instructor of sword arts to Hikitsuchi Sensei.

IaidoOnce unsheathed, the Japanese sword is one of the most threatening of the weapons we study in TSIR. While all weapons must be studied seriously, the sword even moreso as it is a weapon which yields tremendous power. The proper use of this weapon requires a great deal of control and concentration. Incorrect use of katana can cause serious damage to yourself, as well as others. Potential students of Iaido will be taught to train with a calm, focused mind.

Historically, the sword was more than just a weapon to the samurai. It was believed to contain special powers, and life of its own. A famous tale of two swordsmiths unfolds this way:

IaidoTwo famous swordsmiths, Muramasa and Masume, competed to see who was the better swordsmith. The test would be to release leaves into a stream of water. Both swordsmiths would place their katana in the stream - surely the sharpest blade would cut the leaves easiest and a winner could be declared.

When Muramasa held his sword in the stream any passing leaves that happen to drift against the edge of his sword were easily cut in half. However, when the swordsmith Masume put his sword into the stream, the passing leaves avoided the edge of his sword, continuing on their journey uncut. The winner? Masume of course, as his blade must contain a mystical power strong enough to repel leaves from the sharp edge of his sword.

Soshu holds Iaido training in both regular workshops and private instruction. Please contact Soshu directly for training information at 301-933-3569. Iaido is taught privately and a small group class.

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  Iaido 8:00pm - 9:00pm Intermediate
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