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TSIR Training Options

Shiro Shintaku - Iaido TSIR training available in Maryland, Missouri and Colorado.

Ten Shin Ichi Ryu practitioners typically choose to focus on one main area of study. However, the main element emphasized in Ten Shin Ichi Ryu is the development of a non-aggressive mindset. Through this development, physical technique is executed more efficiently. Student's are exposed to various aspects of traditional Japanese arts in order to develop fully a student's depth of knowledge.

For example, students of Iaido (Japanese sword) might also study shodo (brush writing) to further understand focus, breathing and natural movement. Or they might take a class in Kendo to study quick footwork and sparring techniques. All aspects of training, hard and soft, physical and mental should be explored. It is only modern training that has altered this way and in most cases removed a full curriculum of study in the traditional arts.

In order for each individual to receive personal attention from Soshu Shintaku, Ten Shin Ichi Ryu™ class sizes are limited. Private lessons, small group classes and monthly seminars are offered and open to practitioners of all levels.

Martial Arts Training in Maryland

karate class Located in Kensington, Maryland the headquarters dojo provides regular training with soshu Shiro Shintaku. Small group and private lessons with flexible times available. Potential students will need to contact Mr. Shintaku either through email or phone (301) 933-3569 to schedule training.




Maryland Group classes
Friday *student led Karate 4:15pm - Children
5:30pm - Children
6:30pm - Children
Classes held at YMCA Arylawn Center in Bethesda MD. Contact Center for details.
Private Lessons with Soshu Shintaku   Training can be held in semi-private or private lessons.


TSIR Training in Missouri

Located in Independence, Missouri the TSIR dojo is operated by Head Instructor Eric Wagner. Sensei Wagner holds a 3rd degree black belt in TSIR and has studied from Soshu Shintaku for over 15 years. Instructors Shawn Morris and Bob Bone have trained with Soshu Shintaku for over 10 years.

TSIR Missouri Location
For more information, conact Sensei Eric Wagner at 816.550-6071

MISSOURI classes
Tuesdays TSIR 6:00pm - 8:30pm


Youth Program (Ages 6-12)

Missouri students of TSIR Our Youth Program makes a difference in our students. Children learn the fundamentals of martial arts. These fundamentals teach physical fitness, coordination, self-confidence and discipline . . . all in a fun setting. Because kids learn how to follow directions, they can pay better attention in school, and participate better in classroom activities. Students are taught valuable skills that can be applied to other areas of their life. All of this is accomplished in a positive, safe, and fun environment that children anticipate each week.

Self-Confidence - It doesn't come naturally for many children, but rather is developed over a period of time. As a child accomplishes new goals, his or her confidence level increases. Children become more confident in their martial arts ability because they progress individually at their own pace and are not judged against others.

Adult Program (Adults 12 and up)

Sensei Eric Wagner, TSIR Missouri Students in our adult program receive a complete martial arts education. Through active participation you will learn about the deeper aspects of martial arts training. Effective self-protection techniques, strategy, martial arts concepts and developing a life-long ability to train. Concepts and training methods are studied through regular classes, seminars and training materials.





TSIR Training at Various Colorado Locations

Locations and class times vary, visit website for more information
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Colorado Instructors:

Shihan Allen
Teaches Greeley, Loveland Advanced Class and Erie


Shihan Luke
Teaches Longmont, Loveland Advanced Class, Ft. Collins and Firestone
See all the Sei Shin Kan instructors at Colorado locations.