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Ten Shin Ichi Ryu - Traditional Japanese Martial Arts

"We human beings can come together, protect and respect ourselves and one another for the betterment of our lives."

Ten Shin Ichi Ryu™ - the martial art training system as founded by Soshu Shiro Shintaku - focuses on both aspects of mental and physical developments. TSIR practitioners study evasive movements and grapling (similar to Aikido), punching and kicking techniques (as found in various styles of Karate), Iaido (Japanese sword) and other traditional weaponry (including bo and jo). The most challenging aspect of TSIR training is found in learning the inner contents of the martial arts. The proper combination of both physical and mental aspects of the arts provides practitioners with very effective protection skills. Visit our photo gallery to see students and Soshu.


The Meaning of TSIR

Ten Shin Ichi Ryu translates as Heavenly Mind (Ten Shin) One Stream (Ichi Ryu). "Ten Shin" can be found within the positive side of ourselves and human nature. Ten Shin is the highest mental quality each individual possesses and brings peace, happiness and harmony to human lives. Ten Shin also initiates positive, productive and peaceful actions while restraining the negative side of ourselves. Ichi Ryu transalates as one stream - and can be described as the stream (or way) through which all divided streams can join together (or flow) as one. See the TSIR mon here.


Training Options

Ten Shin Ichi Ryu practitioners typically choose to focus on one main area of study. However, the main element emphasized in Ten Shin Ichi Ryu is the development of a non-aggressive mindset. Through this development, physical technique is executed more efficiently. Student's are exposed to various aspects of traditional Japanese arts in order to develop fully a student's depth of knowledge.

In teaching traditional Japanese arts, one way is emphasized, but all aspects related to that particular way are studied in order to further one's knowledge and ability, creating a more desired depth of knowledge. For example, Ten Shin Ichi Ryu Iaido (Japanese sword) students focus on learning Iaido but might also study shodo (brush writing) to further understanding focus, breathing and natural movement or take a class in Kendo to study quick footwork and sparring. All aspects of training, hard and soft, physical and mental should be explored. It is only modern training that has altered this way and in most cases removed a full curriculum of study in the traditional arts.

In order for each individual to receive personal attention from Soshu Shintaku, Ten Shin Ichi Ryu™ class sizes are limited.

Soshu holds private lessons, small group classes and monthly seminars for practitioners of all levels. Read more about each Ten Shin Ichi Ryu: aikido, iaido, karate, kendo, shodo, and senbu.


International Efforts

Through Soshu Shintaku's ongoing effort to bring a true understanding of Japanese culture and history to western martial artists, TSIR routinely arranges and leads a touring trip to Japan with students, family and friends. Soshu has hosted several trips to Japan to bring a better understanding of the Japanese people and Japanese martial arts origins to those interested. Another benefit from these trips is a chance for Japanese to learn about other cultures first hand.

On these trips, participants have trained in some of the oldest dojos in Japan, explored castles, visited sacred and remote sites, Shinto shrines and Buddhist temples. We have introduced renown martial artists from Japan to Westerners; provide intimate chats with artists and family members - including an aunt who is certified in the ancient art of Japanese tea ceremony, and a fun opportunities to speak with a cousin's class of Japanese students studying English. These effort is a part of Soshu's belief in retaining the deepest understanding of the roots of Japanese martial arts and the Japanese people.

TSIR also hosts opportunities in the US to learn about Japanese culture. These events are open to anyone interested in learning more about Japanese culture, commonalities between the two cultures, and appreciation of differences.


Our Founder

In Japan, the title Soshu (Founder) is used for a person who began a new way in the either the arts or spiritual pursuits. Throughout the centuries Japanese martial arts developed from serious, well-developed, mature students finding their own way in the martial arts. It is through these various, personal discoveries we have the variety of martial arts found today. Ten Shin Ichi Ryu combines Soshu's personal discoveries, and an emphasis of natural motion, with a variety of techniques he has devoted his life to studying -- all focusing on life protection and mental strength. Along with studying martial arts technique, Soshu studies brush writing, language, and philosophy. Of importance to TSIR instruction is the knowledge of how the traditional Japanese arts were passed on in order to teach the deeper concepts not always explored in the martial arts today. Soshu Shiro Shintaku has been fortunate enough to study martial arts from some of the highest level instructors in recent times. It is his sincere wish to share these findings with students who are interested. Read more about our Founder.

Read more about Japanese Philosophy.


Recognition from the Senate of Maryland

In 2003 Soshu, a resident of the State of Maryland, was honored to receive recognition for his efforts in bridging western and Japanese cultures. Our thanks to the Senate of Maryland for this honor. This Resolution reads:

"Be it hereby known to all that the Senate of Maryland offers its sincerest congratulations to Shiro Shintaku in recognition of your efforts in building friendships between continents while preserving the traditional martial arts of Japan. Thank you!

The entire membership extends best wishes on this memorable occasion and directs this resolution be presented on this 19th day of May 2003.

We truly appreciate this recognition from the Senate of Maryland.

Please read more about Soshu's ongoing efforts on the news page - "2008 Tour of Japan" - an ongoing series of Tours of Japan, organized by Soshu Shintaku and TSIR.


Mayor Katz, City of Gaithersburg and Soshu ShintakuRecognition from the City of Gaithersburg
April 19, 2008 Proclaimed as "Ten Shin Ichi Ryu Day"

April 19 was officially named "Ten Shin Ichi Ryu Day" by the City of Gaithersburg, and Mayor Sidney A. Katz.
At our 2008 annual seminar, Mayor Sidney Katz bestowed Soshu Shintaku with an official proclamation which designated April 19, 2008 as Ten Shin Ichi Ryu Day.

"In special honor and recognition of Soshu Shiro Shintaku and his commitment to teaching cultural understanding, international cooperation, non-aggressive self-defense and discipline through a martial arts and training system that focuses on mental and physical development, promoting health and happiness."

Thank you very much Mayor Katz and the City of Gaithersburg for this honor!