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Ten Shin Ichi Ryu™ - the martial art training system as founded by Shiro Shintaku - focuses on both aspects of mental and physical developments. TSIR practitioners study evasive movements and grapling (similar to Aikido), punching and kicking techniques (as found in various styles of Karate), Iaido (Japanese sword) and other traditional weaponry (including bo and jo). The most challenging aspect of TSIR training is found in learning the inner contents of the martial arts. The proper combination of both physical and mental aspects of the arts provides practitioners with very effective protection skills. Physical training, lectures cultural events, and tours of Japan are available to practitioners. In this way, both the physical and mental understanding of traditional Japanese martial arts can be understood by sincere practitioners. TSIR is fortunate to have many qualified experts in these areas available to us, and the deep understanding of both cultures by Soshu Shiro Shintaku.


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July -
TSIR Annual Seminar

May - Fiesta Asia Street Fair, Washington DC
TSIR participates annually in this event celebrating Pacific Asian Heritage month.

April - National Cherry Blossom Festival
TSIR participates annually in the Sakura Matsuri.



National Geographic - Soshu and students presented the art of Iaido at the National Geographic's "Samurai" Exhibit.
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Ten Shin Ichi Ryu practitioners typically choose to focus on one main area of study. However, the main element emphasized in Ten Shin Ichi Ryu is the development of a non-aggressive mindset. Through this development, physical technique is executed more efficiently. Student's are exposed to various aspects of traditional Japanese arts in order to develop fully a student's depth of knowledge.

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  • TSIR has been recognized by the State of Maryland, City of Gaithersburg Maryland, provided television interviews in Wakayma Japan, lectured in Tokyo Japan, Washington DC and New York City.
  • In 2003 Soshu, a resident of the State of Maryland, was honored to receive recognition for his efforts in bridging western and Japanese cultures. Our thanks to the Senate of Maryland for this honor.
  • April 19 was officially named "Ten Shin Ichi Ryu Day" by the City of Gaithersburg, and Mayor Sidney A. Katz.
    At our 2008 annual seminar, Mayor Sidney Katz bestowed Soshu Shintaku with an official proclamation which designated April 19, 2008 as Ten Shin Ichi Ryu Day.



In an ongoing effort to bring a true understanding of Japanese culture and history to western martial artists, Soshu Shiro Shintaku organized another successful tour of Japan over the summer of 2008.

TSIR has been working over the years to share, with as many as possible, the roots of Japanese martial arts and the heart of Japanese people. Visitors are always very excited to join us on these tours having expressed their deep desire to see Japan. These trips have had people join us from around the world. As a part of training, it is beneficial to visit sites that have importance to Japanese history and martial arts (such as castles, Shinto Shrines, Buddhist Temples and natural sacred sites like Nachi waterfall). It is also beneficial to learn about Japanese culture firsthand. Again this year, Soshu Shintaku graciously extended his friendships with other Japanese martial artists and westerners, making these visits possible. These renown Japanese martial artists; our family and friends in Japan all have expressed their happiness in helping suport Soshu Shintaku in his efforts.

We thank them for their support and encouragement. While we thank all the fine teachers we spent time with on this trip (more to follow), our special thanks to Koda Shihan (Shintaku's instructor, friend and mentor to this day, Koda Shihan was a senior student of Tada Seigo Sensei, and currently serves as Gojukai Executive Director for the Japan Karate-Do Federation (JKF), head of its gojukai public relations committee, and remains the main instructor at the University); and the very knowledgable Tokuno Sensei of Kenshinkan Dojo (home to numerous and amazing kata champions) for their continued support.

We thoroughly enjoyed this year's tour and look forward to the next chance to train, and explore sites important to the martial arts and history of Japan. Our heartfelt thanks to all who participated and made this year, and our other tours, so enjoyable and memorable!



TSIR supports the annual celebration of "Shichigosan" an ancient children's ceremony held by the International Shinto Foundation's. Shichigosan is held annually in Japan to wish children ages 3, 5 and 7 a long, healthy life.

Read more in our news sectionWe regularly hold demonstrations of the art of TSIR at the National Cherry Blossom Festival in Washington DC and the Asian Heritage Festival (also in Washington DC). A dramatic reading of the Kojiki (text of ancient matters), educational sessions in Chado (tea ceremony), seasonal blessings and discussions in Shinto have also been supported by TSIR. These cultural events are the heart of Japanese culture and help in a well-rounded understanding of the Japanese culture.